Hello world!

Welcome to the new WordPress site. I had an old site that ran on GoDaddy, but I never really worked on it or liked the  performance. For this new site, I am hoping to do a better job of capturing my ideas and thoughts instead of just using gadgets to display my content from Twitter or fitness data from Garmin. I did like some of the features of the old blog, but I think it is time for a change, and I really like the Linode systems and how they work.

The big question previously was how to host all the projects, sites, and technology I was testing. I tried entire servers with ESXi and multiple virtual machines as well as dedicated Linux machines with Docker, but I think ultimately I like the way Linode allows me to isolate different projects and easily spin up something and take something else down without impacting other projects.

I still have some servers at TurnKey Internet, which are a great value considering how much horsepower they offer, but I think when I move back to the U.S., I won’t have as much of a need for servers or have as much time to set them up and take them down. Time will tell if this works out better than previous methods I have tried.

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