Welcome to my new WordPress site! I am running this site on Linode with Linux, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP, and Let’s Encrypt to SSL. All the software is free and the server is only $5 / month from Linode. I don’t think you can run a blog faster and more securely for less money any other way.

My Interests

I mainly use my websites to test new technology and keep my skills current. My hobbies include running, swimming, hiking, biking, motorcycles, travel, photography, and of course ANYTHING to  do with new or emerging technology.

About Me

I am an IT professional that works for the U.S. Government overseas usually. My assignments have taken me from Munich, Germany to Nairobi, Kenya with stops in China, Nicaragua, the UK, and even a bit of time in Haiti and Afghanistan. My teams focus on proactively looking for new ways to use technology that allow us to better serve the American people and build strong relationships with our friends and allies around the globe. We have been successful with cloud, mobile, big data, and virtualization solutions recently, but are exploring new technology and ways it can add value to our efforts.


New Ideas

Some companies, technologies, and ideas I am interested in: Nutanix VMware Hadoop Grav Chevereto NextCloud Linode FastMail Proton Mail

Hello world!

Welcome to the new WordPress site. I had an old site that ran on GoDaddy, but I never really worked on it or liked the  performance. For this new site, I am hoping to do a better job of capturing my ideas and thoughts instead of just using gadgets to display my content from Twitter …